High School Hero - 12/24/02 - David Robinson

by Jessica Cervantez

It is Christmas Eve and you know what that means...Santa Claus will be busy delivering presents in time for the big day.

One local Santa delivered presents a little early this year. This week's Nacogdoches High School Hero spent his time providing gifts for children who are less fortunate.

Sophomore David Robinson is the man behind the beard. He has been busy the last few weeks, wrapping presents for little ones, so he could deliver them in time for Christmas.

Robinson said, "I started this as an Eagle Scout project, but I have really gotten a lot out of it."

Although a very quiet Santa, Robinson said he was glad he had the opportunity to participate.

Robinson said, "Oh, it is definitely different sitting on Santa's lap, than it is being Santa."

Santa's Helper project at the Church of Christ on North Street provided more than 1,000 gifts for children who are less fortunate.

Robinson said, "It is very rewarding to see these kids go home with a better Christmas. There are a lot of presents and a lot of people here, I never realized there was this many people who needed help. It is not so much about the presents than it is the way little kids go home happy."

David knows the real meaning of Christmas, it is to see the kids go home with presents they otherwise may not have.