Christmas Returns Mean Long Lines

It's the day after Christmas and all through the store, shoppers were standing for an hour or more.

Reporter question: What did you think when you first saw the line?

"I thought oh... crap," said shopper Tony Cain.

With receipts for presents that didn't quite fit, they waited and wondered if they should just quit.

Reporter question: Do you think that it's worth it?

"Not really," said Cain. "I think a lot of people are going to see this line and just go home."

If you're thinking you can just speed through the return line this year, think again. For many shoppers Thursday, returning a gift seemed like an all day experience, but while lines may be moving slowly, store managers say there are some things you can do to speed up the process.

"First off if you can bring the receipt it will help us out a lot," said Wal-mart Store Manager David Avant, "but if you can bring the original packaging back and we can use that to return it as well."

But you might have to do a little more if you're returning something high tech.

"Electronics returns are a little more touchy," said Avant. "basically we can return it if you haven't opened it."

But no matter what you're returning there's one thing you should definitely bring with you: patience.

Reporter question: How long have you been standing in line?

"About 45 minutes," said Ben Hunt, "but it's ok. I think people just need to be patient and remember this is the holiday season so you're going to have more of this stuff going on."

Some good advice to help the holiday cheer last throughout the New Year.