Joe Jackson's new label is already taken by a Lufkin man

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "I established a record company...and the company is called Ranch Record," Joe Jackson announced Monday.

The problem is there's already a copyrighted Ranch Record label.

"Well the last few days, we've been getting calls from all over the country. Rolling Stone Magazine, Toronto press, somebody up there, Kansas City. Artists that have been calling to see what's going on with Ranch Records, I guess," said Owner of Ranch Record Label Dixon Shanks.

Shanks said he only found out about Jackson's announcement Wednesday.

"I had to go online to look up to see what all the broohaha was about," Shanks said.

The news of another Ranch Record Label surprised him.

"As far as Ranch Records goes, they must not have done their research," said Shanks.

He plans to stand by his label.

Shanks said, "No, no we were here first."

However, the confusion doesn't change his view of Michael Jackson.

"He's influenced everybody, there's no question about it," Shanks said.

He said this isn't his first encounter with the Jackson family.

"Years ago, I wrote a song with a friend of mine called 'I Ain't Your Daddy.' We happened to come in contact with a future family member of one of Michael's brothers. He was going to marry into the family. He actually took the song that he liked, supposedly to Michael Jackson offered it to him, there wasn't any response, but the next time he went to Neverland, this is what he told me, next time he went to Neverland, the song was blaring over the sound system," he said smiling.

Shanks may not be thrilled with the Jackson situation now, but it won't change his feelings about the King of Pop.

Shanks said, "We'll just see how much communication there is in the next days and weeks and find out if they're going to contact us or we're going to have to contact them."

Shanks said his label has been around since 2001 and he has no intention of changing the name and he has not had any contact so far from the Jackson family.

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