Bank Robbers hit First State Bank

SHEPHERD, TX (KTRE - Law enforcement officers are searching for a man who robbed First State Bank of Shepherd about 9:15 Friday morning.

According to a bank spokesman, a man walked into the bank asking to speak to the branch manager because he wanted to open a new account.  The branch manager introduced him to a new account representative and he sat down at a desk to fill out the paperwork.  The branch manager said she had an uneasy feeling because the man kept looking around the bank and never wrote anything down.

The bank manager asked if he was opening a joint account and the man said yes and said his wife was waiting in the car.  He left the bank and was gone for several minutes, which caused the branch manager's suspicions to rise more.  The branch manager went out of the back of the bank and wrote down the license plate number of the car the man was driving.  She returned inside the bank and began dialing the police which she says the man jumped over the teller counter, threatened the teller with what looked like a billy club and started racking money into his shorts.  She says he didn't have a bag.

The branch manager then went out the back of the bank and jumped in the car with some customers arriving at the bank and asked them to follow the suspect's car.  They followed the car to Cleveland.  According to the branch manager, a dye pack in the money exploded in the suspect's car and an orange plume came billowing from inside.  She thinks the suspects and the money are probably covered with the orange dye.

Law enforcement officers found the suspect's vehicle wrecked near Cleveland.  They have been using dogs from TDC to help search for the suspects in a neighborhood in Cleveland.  Police believe at least two other male suspects and a female suspect are involved.

The suspect who went inside the bank is described as a black male, about six feet tall, about 185 pounds, short hair, wearing a Nike baseball cap, black baggy shorts and a black pullover t-shirt.

We'll continue to update this story on KTRE and as new information become available.