East Texans sacrifice their Holiday to keep you safe

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - From dispatch to the ER, holidays come and go, but local emergency responders are the ones who stay put.

"Especially on the Holidays, after 12 o'clock, people start drinking.  That's when you get your major disturbances.  People, you know, get crazy on the Holidays," said Angelina County Sheriff Dispatch Supervisor Lupe Yates.

However, Yates said that's why they're there.

"911 rings, you know, you expect a major call and it could be a loose cow, but you just never know," Yates said.

One emergency room doctor said the Fourth often makes the ER a little busier.

"With the heat of course, we see a lot of heat exhaustion we see an increased number of car accidents, we do see an occasional fireworks accident," said Memorial Health System of East Texas ER Doctor Kerry Evans.

Giving advice could mean a chance at making their job easier.

"It's 105 degrees, the heat index 110 degrees, so you're out there for one hour, you're going to be dehydrated.  So, increase your fluids, double what you normally drink, stay cool," Dr. Evans said.

It is tough to stay cool during one of the hottest summers on record.

KTRE Chief Meteorologist Brad Hlozek said, "We go by the air temperature in terms of how hot it really is, but you also have to factor in the humidity and often times the air temperature doesn't do it justice for how hot it really is and what your body has to go through to cool itself."

And what emergency responders have to miss to be there for you.

"It's our job it's what we do everyday, 12 hours a day, every holiday, all the time," said Yates.

So, while you're celebrating and enjoying the fireworks, don't forget the sacrifice people are making in the meantime, just for you.

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