Lufkin man kicks out police patrol car window

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) -  A Lufkin man is arrested Friday night for resisting arrrest. Once in custody he kicks out the back window and caused extensive damage to a Lufkin police patrol car.

Lufkin police say Clifton Garrett, 28, was laying unconscious laying in the steet on the 700 block of James.

He was transported to the hospital, and once he awoke at the hospital police say became uncooperative and had to be restrained by officers.

Several restraining devices had to be used to get him into the patrol car. On the way to jail, Garretr kicked the back window out and caused extensive damage to the patrol car.

An officer received minor injuries while attempting to restrain Garrett.  He was charged with resisting arrest, police said, Garrett was known use PCP in the past.

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