Pray for Hannah

"Pray for Hannah" signs are starting to resurface along highway 69.
"Pray for Hannah" signs are starting to resurface along highway 69.

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Hannah Collie, age 4,  had a heart transplant two-years ago.

"She wants you to listen to it all the time, she says put your head up here and listen to my new heart," said Laura Lindsey, Hannah's grandmother.

Now her body is rejecting her new heart. Hannah is in critical condition at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. "So I thought well I'm going to put my sign back out and let everybody that goes up and down the road see that sign and start praying for her again," said Glenda Hodges, family friend.

Driving down highway 69, "Pray for Hannah" signs are starting to resurface. "Right now we just need a lot of prayer, a lot of prayer for her and she's just going to make it," said Lindsey. "I know she's going to do it."

In Hannah's four-years of life, she has had four open heart surgeries and one heart transplant. Lindsey said Hannah's personality is her heart.

"She's a fairy princess is what she is and really in heart she is," said Lindsey. "Like I said, to meet her is to love her."

"She's a beautiful little dark headed girl," said Hodges. "She's always happy, she talks to everybody. She's just a beautiful little girl."

Those that know and love Hannah know she is in need of prayer. "We want everybody praying for her," said Hodges. "The more people that are praying for her, the better off she'll be."

Lindsey said Hannah has gone through a lot in her short years, and she knows she can pull through this with your prayers. "He didn't bring her this far to not let this work," said Lindsey.

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