Good news for the Angelina County job market

By Holley Nees - bio | email

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Usually only five or six new nurses are sitting at Memorial Hospital's orientation, but that wasn't the case Monday.

"Our nurse recruiter brought in 23 new nurses just in one orientation," said Memorial Health System of East Texas Human Resources recruiter Julie Villani.

She has more applicants to consider because more people are looking for work.

"Generally , if you have months where you have some fairly back-to-back layoffs, your labor pool will shrink because people will be leaving your market to find work. During that same period of time, ours has actually grown," said Angelina County Director of Economic Development Jim Wehmeier.

The labor pool has grown by nearly 800 people. So, the unemployment is high, but there are more job seekers and more East Texans becoming employed, and one recruiter is thrilled to give the hope of a new job.

"To be able to call them and offer them the position, and that's the end of their hard time," Villani said.

The economy does play a role.

"It's just been easier to fill positions because the applicants are out there have the experience," said Villani.

While everything isn't perfect, it's nice to note Angelina County has netted 340 new jobs since the first of this year.

"Obviously, we wish things were going better, but as we were looking at the numbers, as we go the last ones out for June, there actually are some good signs," Wehmeier said.

So he chooses to look on the bright side.

"As far as the silver lining to the increased unemployment rate, I think that's it, I think it's a positive sign," Wehmeier said.

So where is the most job growth? In the medical, engineering, and technology fields.

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