An East Texas man says he was robbed at gunpoint

By Holley Nees - bio | email

CENTRAL, TX (KTRE) - "I told him where it was and he got the money and I was going out the back door and that's when I told him, 'you stick your head out that back door, man I'm going to blow it off for you," said robbery victim Jerry Greenville.

Greenville said he was robbed at gunpoint. The robber walked right through his open door.

"He came over and wanted to know if I had anything cold to drink. I said hell no I don't have anything cold to drink," he said.

However, Greenville said he never expected what happened next.

"He swung around and hit me on the side of the head, he said...give me all your f-ing money," Greenville said.

He tried to defend himself.

"[He] beat on me until I got my hands ahold of a little old hunting knife and I think I cut his right hand," Greenville said he wasn't sure if he would make it.

"He said you're either going to tell me where the money is, or I'm going to kill you," he remembered.

"At first I told him why should I tell you where it is? You're going to kill me anyway and he said no, I won't if you tell me where the money is," Greenville explained.

But, why would he believe a man who was robbing him?

"I didn't have much choice, I had to believe him. It's either that or he might had of shot me. You don't know what these people are doped up on," Greenville answered.

Lufkin police said they often see more crime reported in the summer.

"These criminals look for targets of opportunity. Unlocked doors, unlocked residences, unlocked cars, don't make it easy for them," said Lufkin Police Department Lt. David Young.

The suspect got away with more than $1,000 and Greenville now locks his doors.

Greenville offered up advice, "Don't trust anybody and keep your doors locked at all times and be prepared for whatever might happen, be prepared to defend yourself to the death, that's the lesson I learned,"

He will be ready if there is a next time.

"I get a check on the third of next month and if he wants to come back again I'll be more hospitable next time," Greenville said.

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