Consolidated Communications consolidating

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Consolidated Communications announced Friday that it will move its network operations center to Illinois, which means one department in the Lufkin office will be affected.

According to Laura ZuHone, Director Corporate Communications, the change may affect about 13 employees in the Lufkin office, however, she says many of those employees will have opportunities for other jobs.

Company Vice President Jim Watkins said some employees will be given the choice to either relocate to Illinois or take other positions within the company. Watkins said the action will enable the company to be more efficient and effective by centralizing its network operations.  "This action is necessary for Consolidated Communications to remain competitive in today's marketplace, and it is regrettable that we may lose good employees as a result," Watkins said. "Because of the impact on our employees and the community, this decision was not made lightly. Consolidated Communications is still a significant employer with a solid team of employees and remains committed to Lufkin."

Consolidated Communications plans to make the move by the end of November. The Lufkin Consolidated location has 130 employees, of those about 13 could be affected by this change.

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