Restaurant Report- Angelina County- July 16, 2009

Health inspectors were checking out some Angelina County eateries again and here is what they found...

The Taqueria Mexico Express received 36 demerits. The food items inside the cooler that needed to be covered and protected. The household freezers needed to be removed and there was contaminated equipment found in the sanitize compartment of the sink. The grill, microwave, and ice machine all needed cleaning.

The Empire Buffet got 15 demerits. The back door and screen must be tightly sealed. Drink nozzles needed to be cleaned and the cooler was not set at the proper temperature.

And for zero demerits, congratulations to the following: Liberty Sno Biz, Eats and Treats, Polar Express Two, Brookshire Brothers Deli and Bakery, Kids Inc., The Learning Tree, Humpty Dumpty, and Toyko Japanese Steakhouse.