High School Hero -1/07/03 Jonathan Mullins

by Jessica Cervantez

This weeks high school hero has a love for sports, but knows his academics are just as important.

When the bell rings, it is time for Jonathan Mullins to hit the books in what is a full school-load.

"I'm in AP English, Pre-calculus, and Spanish III," Mullins said.

He is one of the top students in his class, so with grades like this he had no problem getting accepted into the school of his choice.

"I have already been accepted to an avionics school in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I will be able to work on airplanes," he said.

His love for airplanes stems from his interest in race cars.

"I like speed so working on airplanes is pretty good. Plus, I work on race car engines everyday," Mullins said.

Academics are not the only thing that comes easy for the Timpson senior. He plays football, baseball, runs track, and his now playing basketball. And, he does not hesitate to show his competitive spirit on the basketball court.

"I am not a very good loser. Even in my academics I try to be better than everybody else and in my sports I try to be better than everybody."

But, do not be fooled, because Mullins spends lots of time practicing to make those free throws.

"You have to have some talent to be good in sports, but to be good in school you just have to apply yourself," he said.

On and off the court, he knows that having good grades is what is really important to him.

"You have to have good grades so you can be good in life," Mullins said.