Tenaha ISD opens childcare center

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

TENAHA, TX (KTRE) - Ten-month old Sarah is busy learning new things each day. "She's just a couple of days away from walking," beamed Bridget Twomey, Sarah's mom.

Twomey wants to see Sarah's first steps and with the new Tenaha ISD childcare center opening August 17, now she can.

"That's going to be an easier thing to do," said Twomey. "Knowing that I'm just 100 yards away."

Twomey said she and four other Tenaha ISD teachers were pregnant at the same time. "We're all really good friends and so we were all comparing notes of who would keep our kids and some of us were coming up empty handed," explained Twomey.

She said there's not a state-certified childcare center anywhere near home. "So, if you wanted childcare you go to Center, or you might have to drive to Nacogdoches or Carthage and that just wasn't an option for some of us," she said.

Driving the extra miles to a daycare center out of town, would mean more money spent on gas plus wear and tear on her car. "It comes out to be $13 a day and with driving it would be $17 or $18 a day," she said.

On top of saving money, she and other working moms are closer to their little ones. "We're literally a two minute walk down the hall," said Twomey.

This new opportunity will keep mom from missing out on any of Sarah's steps and stumbles.

The childcare center cost $100 a week for teachers and $75 a week for students.

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