More Information about the Contract

The new missile contract means more work and more jobs for Lufkin's Lockheed-Martin plant, that means more money for the local economy.

The Lockheed-Martin plant in Lufkin has approximately 90 employees. The plant buys a lot of materials and services here locally, both of which make a significant impact on the local economy.

"We probably put more than $5 million just in direct salaries into the local economy. Plus, we do have services that we buy from the local economy. We buy a lot of parts and things out of our Dallas procurement from the local Lufkin area. So, this does have an impact here in Lufkin," said General Manager Tommy Thompson.

80% of the production at the Lufkin plant is for the PAC-3 missile. It has proven very successful. With a possible war with Iraq on the horizon, additional contracts could be awarded later this year, meaning more jobs and income.

"The government is very happy with the success of this missile system. It's the only missile system in the world that has the capability of intercepting other ballistic missiles," added Thompson.

Thompson says although production means more dollars for the economy, more missiles mean the need is rising to protect our country against enemies.