Nacogdoches County deputy named lawman of the year

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches County Sheriff's deputy, Sgt. Roosevelt Hall has been named "Lawman of the Year" by the Texas Sheriff's Association. The honor was presented Tuesday night in Corpus Christi at the association's annual gathering.

The following nomination letter was presented to the board by Sheriff Thomas Kerss, who will become president of the association for the second time.

Sheriffs' Association of Texas,                                                                       June 29, 2009

Honorable Officers and Board Members

1601 South IH-35

Austin, Texas 78741

Re:       Lawman-of-the-Year Award Nomination

Dear Sirs,

I am pleased to nominate Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Deputy, Sergeant Roosevelt Hall, for the Greg McFarlin/Max Banks "Lawman of the Year" award.  Sgt. Hall is an "Undercover" Criminal Investigator assigned to Narcotics Enforcement with my Office.  He is a very dedicated and thorough deputy who has served as an undercover-investigator for several years.  During his tenure as an officer, Sgt. Hall has made a tremendous impact in helping to curtail illegal drug activities throughout Nacogdoches County and the entire East Texas area.  Many significant cases that Sgt. Hall initiated have resulted in prolonged investigations that expanded to other areas of our state and our nation.  In addition to the countless hours that he devotes to better our community, Sgt. Hall often places himself in vulnerable positions that expose him to great personal danger in order to achieve success as an undercover officer.  In fact, Sgt. Hall was previously shot and wounded while participating in a covert undercover operation, yet that threat on his life has not deterred him from continuing to serve with courage, zeal and conviction.

While identifying and arresting drug dealers at the street level is important, those arrests are not as uncommon or labor sum as working prolonged cases of major drug kingpins.  It is infrequent that our officers are successful in infiltrating those large scale criminal organizations so that the high ranking actors are appropriately identified, exposed and prosecuted, and their criminal organizations are dismantled.  Such prolonged investigations take tremendous time, dedication, resources and personal sacrifice.   Yet, Sgt. Hall has successfully headed a number of those lengthy investigations with amazing results.  Most recently, he initiated a four-year long undercover investigation into a major drug trafficking organization that was recently dismantled by several key arrests.  As a result of Sgt. Hall's extended pain clothes work, more than a dozen major drug czars have been arrested on both state and federal charges and their East Texas operations have been brought to a screeching halt.  This investigation, dubbed "Operation Kings' Court" by federal prosecutors, has led investigators from Mexico (where the drugs were being imported) to Houston, where they were initially stored awaiting distribution and further shipment, through the East Texas area, especially Nacogdoches and Angelina Counties, as well as several other states, including:  Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, California, North Carolina and Virginia.  Please know that this was one of the largest drug trafficking operations in our nation.  The successful arrests and prosecution of many of those major players would not have been possible without Sgt. Hall's sacrifice and tireless efforts.

Likewise, Sgt. Hall is currently spearheading another major investigation at this time that spans from Nacogdoches to California.  Because this case is ongoing I cannot discuss the merits of that investigation further, except to say that it, too, will have a significant positive impact on the drug war once that case unfolds.  These are but a few examples of the personal sacrifice, dedication and success that Sgt. Hall has demonstrated throughout his law enforcement career, yet there are many, many more.

You can't fully appreciate the qualifications of Sgt. Hall to receive this award unless you also examine his character.   Roosevelt is the type of officer that will work long, hard hours and still answer the phone in the middle of the night, even though he may have just gotten into bed from working to the point of exhaustion.  He is always there when we call on him and he pursues every case with detailed thoroughness and professionalism.  I have never known of a more loyal and dedicated officer to his cause.  Additionally, he is the quiet professional.  The kind you never hear complaints from or about.  Although his work reflects otherwise, he is the type of officer that is content hiding in the shadows while others receive recognition for the job well done.  He has outstanding personal character and lives to a high standard of morals.  These attributes, coupled with his work ethic, professionalism and willingness to serve others are what defines Sgt. Roosevelt Hall as an outstanding law enforcement officer and they are the true qualities that has earned him the right to be nominated for this prestigious award.  Thank you.


Thomas Kerss, Sheriff

Nacogdoches County, Texas