Mighty Mendit: "Does It Work?"

By Joe Terrell - email

If duct tape did everything East Texans tried to use it for, KTRE would be covered with it, but it doesn't. So we decided to put a product called "Mighty Mendit" to the "Does it Work?" test.

It's the fast, easy way to mend, hem and repair; bonds to virtually any fabric, or so says "As Seen on TV" screamer, Billy Mays!

The bottle calls it a "permanent bonding agent." The instructions say it is permanent...until you dry clean something you've put it on. However, it's machine washable.

We found an oven mitt with a nice rip down the seam to repair. It was the perfect "victim" for the Mighty Mendit. We put a generous portion along the seam and pressed it together. Despite the strong aroma, it is okay if you get Mighty Mendit on your hands. It just rolls right off, kind of like rubber cement.

Next, we found a stuffed animal to mend and tried gluing its ear back on. After that we moved on to repair a hem on a pink bag, and a hem on a real piece of clothing...while it was being worn!

Two hours later, we checked on all of our experiments.

The oven mitt's new seam was probably as strong or stronger than the original seam.

The hem on the bag was in great shape - flexible, strong and not brittle.

The stuffed animal was happy to have its ear in place and be able to hear again.

How was the hem on our real piece of clothing? Perfect! You couldn't even tell that it wasn't sewn.

Mighty Mend it is strong, invisible, flexible and it didn't hurt anyone. Does it work? We give Mighty Mendit a "Yes!" We got Mighty Mendit at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It will cost you $9.99.

By the way, we did not get to run any of the stuff through the wash, but if we have any problems, we'll be sure to let you know.