Engrave-It: "Does It Work?"

By Joe Terrell

For years, we've heard law enforcement encouraging us to mark our valuables, etch some kind of identifying marks on them.  There was a time when the engraving equipment was so  expensive, we used to tell people you could check one out from your local police department.     They may still offer them.   But now, there's a new affordable, As Seen On TV option.  This week we put the Engrave-It to the "Does It Work?" test.

It says right on the package, it's "the fast, easy way to protect your valuables" and "will work on almost any surface, even glass."

The Engrave-It takes two AA batteries.  Load it up and we're ready.

There's a little button on the side.  Press and the motor starts the engraving tip spinning.

We try it on a piece of metal and a metal knife.  The longer you play with it, the better you get.  But we were able to write in cursive, print, even sketch some simple pictures.

It also worked on vinyl, plastic and glass.

The batteries weakened a lot sooner than we expected, but the Engrave-It will work fine as a home engraver.

"Does It Work?"  We give the Engrave-It a "yes".

The best part is, we paid only $9.99 for the Engrave-It at Walgreens.