Zero Gravity Car: "Does It Work?"

By: Joe Terrell

Does It Work loves toys this time of year. The commercials make them look so cool, able to do just about anything. This week's product apparently defies gravity, and if it works, that could be one of the coolest things your kids will find under the tree this Christmas. KTRE's Joe Terrell shows us what happened when the Air Hogs remote control Zero Gravity car faced the Does It Work test.

Drives up any smooth surface. Really? According to the box - upside down, on the wall - no problem at all. We'll see.

This thing was apparently packaged in Fort Knox!

"This is evil. A kid gets this for Christmas and can't get it open until Easter."

So, here it is - Two basic parts, the car and the remote. The remote gets the batteries. The car has a tiny little lithium job built in, and it charges off the ones in the remote control.

It takes about 8 to 10 minutes to charge, and we're ready to go. Turn on the car, and you quickly see how this works. The car has a little fan inside that creates a suction through the bottom of the car. Is it enough to stick to this wall?

It's very easy to control. It has trouble staying on a straight line, but there are adjustments you can make on the remote. Honestly, this is a blast, but the second you get off the smooth surface, for instance this baseboard, the party's over.

But it starts back up just as easily, and got good at it quickly.

The zero gravity car is capable of using gravity, if you see fit. Flip off the switch, and you're in the mode to drive around on the floor. Finally, after about 20 minutes of non-stop use, the battery gave out, but we just charge it again. It took longer the second time. Perhaps it came with a little bit of charge in it. We take it upstairs, and this is great.

You might want to look around your house to see if you have any good, spacious locations for the kids to cruise around. Moms, I know what you're thinking, and no, it doesn't mark on the walls. On the contrary, we found the vacuum sucked up quite a bit of dust on our walls!

Okay, Lionel Ritchie fans - I know what you're thinking, too. What about driving on the ceiling?

Turns out, they mean it when they say this thing needs a smooth surface. Any texturing at all on your ceiling will take this thing from zero Gs to one. Good thing it's tough, and it's something to consider if you're planning to do a lot of upside down driving. We searched high and low through 3 stories of this building and found this small stretch of smooth ceiling in this tiny elevator.

It worked great. But take a quick inventory of your house before you plan your next ceiling road trip - there may not be much road.

That really is the only downside of this cool little toy - you've got to have some wall and ceiling room to play. But if you do, you're gonna love it. Does it work? We give the Zero Gravity Car a yes.