Moon Sand: "Does It Work?"

By: Joe Terrell

It won't be long before you hear the kids' familiar chant: "There's nothing to do." This time of year on "Does It Work?," we like to test at least one product with the kids in mind. This one, its makers say, is all the fun of the beach, without the mess. This week, we put Moon Sand to the "Does It Work?" test.

"Molds like dough," it says on the package. But don't confuse it with Play-Doh. Moon Sand is essentially sand. And unlike Play-Doh, Moon Sand never dries out. We bought the Sand Castle kit of Moon Sand and gathered up four kids to help us test it out.

Inside you get four molds, a shovel, an inflatable sandbox with play mat and one pound of white Moon Sand. Dump the Moon Sand in the sandbox and start working it with your hands and it will kind of expand. "It feels like sand, but kind of damp," says one of the kids.

I really can't figure it out. The "sand" comes in little grains, but it sticks together. Perhaps the best description I heard was, "it's like a pound of moistened pencil eraser particles."

Using one of the molds, we were able to easily make an impressive castle part. It holds together so well, you can pick it up and move it around. But it's equally easy to smash it and start over.

We made a bunch of shapes with this stuff and had a great time. It's irresistible.

"There's something so appealing about it," one kid says.

"Does It Work?" They give Moon Sand a unanimous, "yes."

The sandbox closes up into its own carrying case and you can buy other colors separately. We paid $19.99 for the Sand Castle set. Other colors come in packs of two for $7.00. We bought Moon Sand at Target.