The Titan: "Does It Work?"

By Joe Terrell - bio | email

It's the Julienne tool with the tough sounding name. If you've ever wanted a fancy looking "anything" on your plate...the "Titan" is your tool.

It peels slices grates shaves shreds and garnishes.

One of the Titans is a peeler, while the other is decked out with vertical blades for shredding and grating.

We started with the peeler, which is so sharp, it is effortless.

The other of the Titan twins also have some very sharp blades, so you need to be careful of cutting yourself.

One potato was shreded. The Titans posed no problems. They were perfect for potato pancakes.

We moved on to carrots. I started with peeling, making thin shreds seem almost effortless.

With zucchini, it was pretty much the same result.

The Titan made quick work of cheese, both slicing and shredding, and it even worked with dessert.

We were able to prepare chocolate bars both sliced and shaved.

So for peeling, slicing, shaving, shredding, grating, we give the Titan a "Yes."

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