Pedipaws Nail Trimmer: "Does It Work?"

By Joe Terrell - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's one of the most intimidating aspects of being a pet owner - clipping those nails.

Apparently you agree, because in all the years since we started testing "Does It Work?" products, there haven't been many we've had more requests for. So, we put the Pedipaws nail trimmer to the "Does It Work?" test.

It's the incredible pet nail trimmer - fast, easy and gentle.

And it certainly piqued the interest of some of the residents here at the Humane Society of East Texas. But we've gone to the dogs first.

"Oh, that's a good girl."

Gayle Helms starts by acquainting 'Lilly' with the Pedipaws device. A trick they strongly suggest in the product instructions, both off and on.

Soon, this girl was getting a manicure unlike she's ever had before.

"Wow, Joe , this really works!"

Gayle...ever heard of the word suspense? But Gayle loves how smooth this thing gets Lilly's nails - much better than conventional clippers.

"Sometimes if you clippers are not real sharp it's going to make the edges real jagged. And that's rough especially on a little house dog where its getting in your lap and it's scratching you. But this really does work," said Gayle.

If you can't tell by now, the Pedipaws is really just a spinning cylinder of sandpaper.

There's a good motor on this thing, though, and the special opening for the nail makes it nearly foolproof.

In about 15 seconds Gayle does a whole foot, a job she says normally takes 10 or 15 minutes! That's a major time savings.

"I'm surprised the noise isn't freaking her out."

Yep, Lilly has adjusted quicker than Gayle could have expected.

Clipping the dog's nails couldn't have gone more smoothly, but I know you cat owners still have questions, don't you?

Same drill - get the animal used to it and...

You should know, cats are more difficult. Not just because they're cats, but because you have to press on their little pads to get the nail out. This gal's doing fine, and soon Gayle has them waiting in line.

Probably the best shot of this thing at work - the cat was so calm, we were easily able get you a good look at the hole, which Gayle says will work on any size dog or cat's nails.

She loved it so much, we let her keep it! This thing's going to get a work out.

So, it's a bit anti-climactic, but my contract says I have to ask - does it work?

"Oh definitely. I'd give this a big ten."

Easy enough to use every week, the Pedipaws gets a yes.

The Pedipaws comes with 3 sandpaper refills, so you get four in all. You can order more online. We paid 20 bucks for the Pedipaws at the Walgreen's on South Broadway in Tyler. We've never seen them in stores before, so hopefully this was the first batch headed to retailers near you.

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