New recommendation urges drivers to avoid talking on cell phones

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration is now publicly recommending that drivers not use their cell phones even with hands-free devices behind the wheel.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said cell phones can be a major distraction.

One trooper said hands-free devices are definitely better, but you should really pull-over in a safe area if you need to talk on the phone because any conversation can be dangerous.

"It's definitely safer from the standpoint you're holding the phone, trying to talk, your hands are still on the steering wheel, both hands are still on the steering wheel. You are able to look at the roadway and observe what's going on. Now stats and studies have shown that a conversation can distract and sometimes be dangerous," said DPS Spokesperson Greg Sanches.

The new recommendation is not law in Texas, it's just a suggestion.

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