San Augustine County judge says his dog was mutilated, killed

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - San Augustine County authorities believe they have the man responsible for mutilating and killing at least two pets.

According to San Augustine County Sheriff David Smith, Keifer Collins, 18, killed and mutilated a Boston Terrier, named C.J.  "He [Collins] took the dog out away from the house and that's where he did his mutilation," he said.

C.J. Belonged to San Augustine County Judge Randy Williams' grandchildren. He said he was beyond horrified when he saw what Collins allegedly did to his dog.

"He [Collins] had his throat cut and he had busted a knife in it and started to gut it, and it looked like maybe he had gotten scared and ran off," said Williams.

According to Sheriff Smith, Collins regularly ran at night and he believes it was during the night when he allegedly killed and mutilated at least two animals. Neighbors told us now they can rest a little easier. "Much better, much safer," said Army Sharp, neighbor. "I'm an animal lover, dogs & cats and I think it's just awful. I'm very proud of our sheriff and his department for catching this person."

Sheriff Smith said this isn't the first time Collins allegedly killed and mutilated an animal. In February, District Judge Charles Mitchell found a cat's head attached a to a light bulb in his well shed. "We can not tie him to either judge as far as retaliation or anything," said Sheriff Smith.

He said right now, they don't have a motive for the animal killings; however, Judge Williams believes it could be cult related. "He [Collins] didn't say anything about any kind of cult, not that we're aware of, but his friends did say that," said Sheriff Smith.

Either way, Judge Williams said the thought of what happened is still startling. "Somebody can come up in your own yard and do that and get out of there without being caught right on the spot, it shakes you up when you got grandchildren that play in the yard," said Williams.

Keifer Collins bonded out of jail Friday. Collins is charged with animal cruelty. If convicted, he could face two years in state jail.

KTRE will continue to follow this story and will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

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