KKK/Panther Rally

As the townspeople wore yellow ribbons in hope of justice for James Byrd Jr's murder, they also prayed for a peaceful rally between the KKK and the Black Panthers.  Most residents in the town said they just wished the two groups would leave them alone, and get out of their town. 

A Black Panther member, Motapa, said he was fasting for 4 days and painted his face in order to promote peace and humanity. He and other Black Panthers were covering the black neighborhoods of Jasper, handing out pamphlets and filers.

The KKK came to town to let everyone know that the three men charged with the murder had no affiliation with them.  Many residents of the town only came to denounce the KKK, but some said they had a right to be heard.

The Jasper Police Dept. met with Sheriff Deputies to plan a strategy for the rally but did not let the public know that strategy. 

James Byrd Jr's sister, Clara Taylor, said the family didn't want either group coming to town.  She said the family just wants the wounds to be healed.

The rally concluded with an arrest when black militants began rocking a vehicle containing a KKK member.