Residents concerned about growing grass problem

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Grass is greener and growing faster thanks to the recent rain. Some people might have a hard time keeping up with their lawn. If they do, a city ordinance actually restricts grass from growing more than a foot high.

While the rain has helped lawns flourish, a neighbor tells us one yard in particular has been a "problem lawn" for the past five years.

"Overgrown and the condition it's in, it's just sad," said Sudie Harper, as she looked at her neighbor's yard.

Haper said her neighbor's yard is in need of some major clean-up. "All of this curb business was not there."

The grass is so overgrown, the house numbers have been covered. "We tried to help him out, this last renter, by mowing occassionally," she said.

She said the last renter mowed once. "He had a lawn mower, we know from that one. Why he couldn't go out there and at least mow the front, I don't know."

The City of Lufkin told us a complaint on the house was filed Tuesday and the property's owner will receive a notice to mow his lawn.

Harper said before it became a rent house, roses once bloomed in the mailbox's flower bed. Now they're dried-up and dead.

In a neighborhood known for immaculent lawns, Harper's worried messy yards could invite unwanted company.

"When cars drive by slowly and look a place over that's overrun like this, you know, that's what I'm talking about when it attracts a criminal element," said Harper.

Harper said she takes pride in her yard, and wants others to also. "We want it to last and we want it be a nice place and a nice neighborhood for our children to come visit, you know, so they'll feel safe."

The City of Lufkin tells us if there's a problem lawn in your neighborhood, don't mow the tall grass. Just call the city who will send the homeowner a notice. If nothing happens, the city will come cut the grass, and send them the bill.

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