Training pant sales down. Leave us your potty training advice.

When I think of training pants (which, incidentally, I don't do often) I think of Pull-Ups. And, when I think of Pull-Ups, I can't help but think of their distinct, I-can't-get-this-song-out-of-my-head jingle. You know the one, "I'm a big kid now!"

Now, the reason for my sudden "interest" in training pants is because of some data recently released by The Nielsen Company that shows a decline in the number of training pants sold. In a tough economy, it seems consumers are rethinking their definition of necessity. In some homes training pants didn't make the cut.

So, what does it take to either speed the potty training process along or skip it all together?

Not being a parent yet, I had to go to an expert: My mom. She and my dad opted out of the training pants idea and went from diapers straight to underwear/panties. Which, did have some consequences. On the upside, they saved money. On the downside, well, let's just say I learned there is a difference between not wanting to go to the bathroom and needing to go. Mom went on to say that kids eventually just learn.

No doubt there are lots of ways to potty train your children. So calling all parents! We want to know your potty training methods. Leave us your tips below! (We may just read a few on the news.)

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