Nacogdoches County tackles salary equity among county employees

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Salary equity issues are found in corporate America. It's also a concern in county government.

Nacogdoches County is tackling it head-on with the appointment of a personnel-salary committee. Every county position is now under review.

A history of across-the-board raises has placed some employees doing the same kind of work with salaries that are widely different.

The salary committee is discovering salary adjustments need to go up, not down. "Some of our employees' salaries were so far off, they were kicked-out because they skewed the numbers," said Nacogdoches County Commissioner Jim Elder. "So we brought those up as fast as we could."

Presently, the committee wants to bring the lower salaries up to 80 percent of the mean.

The next big obstacle is finding the money.

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