A kidney for Adam

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LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Adam is a funny, spirited 16 year old teenager. You would never know that he has a kidney condition that has required him to be on dialysis for seven years. He has undergone several unsuccessful kidney transplants but his family is hoping a doctor across the country can help him, but their problem is they need the money to get there.

Adam's mother, Kelli McCleskey discusses Adam's condition, "Adam was born with Polycystic Kidneys, meaning he has cyst all over his kidneys."

Between Adam's mother and father, they rotate spending three days out of the week traveling to the Texas Children's Hospital where Adam's receives dialysis treatment.

"They take a blunt needle and they stick me here, so the blood can go out and they stick me here, so the blood can go in," Adam McCleskey says, pointing to the needle bruises on his arm.

Adam is the Houston and San Antonio region transplant list but the family worries be might not  receive one.

"Because of all the blood transfusions and previous transplants Adam's antibodies are now on high alert so anything going in him their going to fight it, so he can't just have a regular transplant anymore, Kelli adds."

Now, the family is trying to raise money to get Adam to Baltimore, Maryland to see Dr. Robert Montgomery at the John Hopkins Hospital, they believe the doctor can help Adam's condition.

Kelli explains, "He {Dr. Montgomery} can desensitize Adam's antibodies which is a long drawn out process or he can find a donor for Adam and they can swap donors."

The family says Adam's medical procedures are cover by insurance, but the family can't afford the trip and the time away from work and home.

"Yes we have the insurance, but they doesn't cover us being away from work, it doesn't cover the car payments and the house payments. It' like what do you choose, do you choose your son's kidney or do you choose to lose your house?" Adam's mother says.

Even Adam's father, David McClesky, explains the financial burden weight. "It's tough, it's tough on the whole family."

But it doesn't stop them from fighting. "That's my job I'm mom I have to do this for him, and I've decided I'm not going to wait for the kidney to come to us anymore. I am going to look for that kidney," Kelli says, with tears in her eyes.

They do have a donor that is readily waiting to donor her kidney to Adam, pending he procedure, at John Hopkins is a success.

Mackenzie Denton, the first cousin of Adam's mother and donor said, "It makes me feel amazing. It's the greatest thing you can do, I'm on cloud nine, I can't wait for it happen. "

Adam's family is extremely proud of him. His mother says for seven years, he never complains, and always keep high spirits, and he is always making people laugh.

Medical Fundraiser

Saturday, August 2nd

2 p.m. - until

Sam's Parking Lot of Lufkin

Turkey legs, sausage on stick, ice cream bars, and drinks for sale.

They also plan to raffle off a Cafe del Rio gift card, a Kidd Kraddick basket, and a concealed gun glass for two.

Monetary donations can be made at any Texas State Bank.

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