Restaurant Report-Angelina County-July 30, 2009

Taqueria Mexico Express received 36 demerits. They needed to remove broken floor tiles. They needed to immediatly repair the cold water. The a-c vents need to be cleaned and the grill and microwave also need cleaning.

The Golden Coral received 21 demerits. The tuna salad, sourcream, butter and cheese were all at inproper food temperatures. The freezer door did not have a latch and it needed to be sealed. The tiles under the fryer need to be replaced and they can not store the utensils in water.

McDonald's inside wal-mart received 10 demerits because they needed to clean the drink machine and the nozzles. The floor in the storage room and cooler needed cleaning, the ice machine, drains, and the cabinet under the drink machine all needed cleaning.

And congratulations to the following restaurants for receiving zero demerits this week! Little Gal's, Target Deli, Wal-Mart Deli, Wendy's. Also Polar Express Two, Eats and Treats, Liberty Sno Biz, Friends of Ellen Trout Zoo and Fullers Restaurant.