8/1/09 Nacogdoches Police Report

100 block of Houston St-Prohibited Weapon/DWLI-The actor was contacted on a reckless driver call where he had hit a pole. Subject had a switchblade knife on him. His D/L was suspended. He was arrested.

2100 block of Center Hwy-Assault F/V-The complainant advised that her boyfriend, came home drunk and started hitting her. Victim had a swollen left eye, busted lip and a bite mark on her forearm. The actor left before police arrived.

1800 block of Hanson Circle-Hit and Run: The actor had left the scene of an assault and was followed by the victim's mother. The complaining witness advised that she observed the actor strike the electrical box with his white Dodge Stratus. He then fled on foot.

200 block of S Fredonia St-Officers received a disturbance call upon arrival officer could hear a female yelling and cussing. She was contacted and refused to cooperate. She then attempted to leave and resisted officers. Once at the county she was put into the violent chair and spit on a jailer.

800 block of Willow Oak-Assault F/V-The complainant and actor are living together. They got into an argument that escalated when he began slapping her in the face and pulled her hair. Subject was arrested.

2800 block of North St-C/M: The complainant, advised that his cousin kicked his car in two places causing dents.

2900 lock of North St-DWI-The actor was contacted on an accident call. He was found to be DWI and was arrested. His passenger was found to be intoxicated also. He was arrested for P/I