Grapeland ISD claims it's unacceptable to be ranked "unacceptable"

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

GRAPELAND, TX (KTRE) - Grapeland ISD's superintendent is not happy with the Texas Education Agency rankings.

E.d. Sumrall, Superintendent of Grapeland ISD says, "I find T.E.A. way of scoring unacceptable."

The schools in the district were deemed acceptable but the district as a whole was ranked unacceptable.

The ratings were based on the science test scores of a sub group of 40 African American students throughout the district.   Sumrall explains, "They're saying those 23 students didn't make it that makes our district of 570 students unacceptable, I don't agree with that."

According to the T.E.A. website they recognize there are fewer students at the school level.

That is, while schools and districts are held accountable for the performance of all students, the individual student groups (African American, Hispanic, White, and economically disadvantaged) must have at least 30 students to be considered in the ratings system.

Sumerall believes that system is a huge disadvantage to small schools. He adds, "We've always argued that there need to be a sliding scale according to the size of the school."

But the T.E.A. says the district is held accountable for the performance of every student group in science.

The district plans to fight the decision. "I am going to file an appeal on this. I just don't think its fair," says Sumrall.

He believes, regardless of what the agency says, "We have a great district here."

To help improve those science test scores, Grapeland ISD, has hired a news Taks Instructor Science Teacher.

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