Wells mayor under fire for criminal past

Current Wells Mayor Corbitt Doss.
Current Wells Mayor Corbitt Doss.

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

WELLS, TX (KTRE) - Political discourse is growing in Wells between the current and former mayor. The former mayor is asking the current mayor to step down.

Former Wells Mayor Jim Maddux said the current mayor is a convicted felon and needs to resign. However, Mayor Corbitt Doss tells us he is within his rights and will remain in office.

"Secretary at Cherokee County at the voters registration had said that I could run for office because I had done my probation, and so basically, it was over with."

According to the McClennan County Jail, Mayor Doss was convicted of his third DWI in 1997, which is a felony. He said he completed his ten years of probation in 2007. On May 13, 2008 he was sworn into office. Maddux said he needs to resign.

"A criminal background check is not always done, but there is an application that's filled out that states 'never been convicted of a felony', so falsifying that document is falsifying an official document...that's a felony," said Maddux. "He also he took an oath of office saying he's never been convicted of a felony, that's perjury. That's felony, perjury."

According to the State Attorney General's office, a felon may run after they have been "released from the resulting disabilities" of the conviction.

Mayor Doss said he didn't feel like he was lying when he took the oath of office. "No, I didn't," he said. "From my understandings of this paperwork here, it was probationary. If I had a stumble and fell during the ten years, if I'd drank or done whatever against the state that could have sent me to prison."

Mayor Doss said that was eleven years ago. He said he's given up drinking, but he won't give up his position in as Wells mayor.

"My life is so much better," said Mayor Doss. "I lost my first wife due to drinking. I had some problems with my daughters, she's now grown and we're the best of friends. Yeah I see my mistakes."

Maddux said whatever comes of this, he just wants what's right to stand.

"I don't have to get my way, I'm all right if it doesn't go my way, as long as it goes through the process, and hey if they change the laws and they decided to leave him in office as a felon, I could live with that."

Maddux said he's seeking help from the Wells city attorney on this matter. Calls to the city attorney's office we're not immediately returned. We'll keep you updated on this story.

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