Many East Texans not waiting for tax free weekend to shop

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - This year's tax free weekend falls on August 21st through the 23rd, nearly two weeks later then in previous years. Some East Texas parents don't have time to wait for that tax break.

"I'm a teacher and I go back to school next week so there's no way I'm waiting for tax free weekend," said Carol Scott.

That's the idea of many East Texas parents. Since this year the tax free holiday falls on the weekend before school starts for many districts.

"When I got the time, everything on sale right now so let's get it done now," said Scott.

"Parents tend to do it two weeks in advance," said Maria Hernandez, a JC Penny store manager.

She says many parents don't want to take a risk when school is just around the corner.

"They're not waiting until then," said Hernandez. "They're trying to take the sales and get the items and get ready for school."

And, some parents are telling us that they won't let missing out on the holiday keep them from finding deals.

"The biggest bargains are right now so tax free weekend is little bit too long," said Simone Barlow.

Even though the tax free weekend falls later, this year, there's a new tax free perk. Additional school supplies have been added to the tax free list. Parents can take advantage of items such as backpacks binders, lunch boxes, notebooks, crayons, paper, glue and even folders, without the tax.

Hernandez says whether you are shopping before or during tax free weekend, there are things you should definitely look for.

"Just sales, advertisements, seeing what stores are having great sales, uniforms and knowing exactly what your school district is requiring from you," said Hernandez.

Some store managers recommend shopping before the tax free weekend to avoid missing out on items that could be out of stock.

For a complete list of tax free school supplies click here.

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