Wells mayor says he may have to resign

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

WELLS, TX (KTRE) - The embattled Wells mayor says his fate is not looking too good.  This sentiment comes after former Mayor Jim Maddux brought to light Tuesday Doss' 1997 felony conviction for a third D-W-I.

Doss, who was convicted of a felony for a third DWI in 1997 originally said he was legally able to hold the office of mayor because he had served his sentence following his guilty plea. But now he says he may have to resign.

"If it comes down to it the powers that be say I got to go, I'll quit, but until somebody tells me that officially I'm going to stay mayor," Doss said.

In 2007 his probation was completed.

"I felt like I was eligible to run," he said.

According to the state attorney general's office, a felon may run for office after they have been "released from the resulting disabilities" of the conviction. What that means is unclear.

"I think he got his information probably from the wrong source and he felt like he was right but we don't know yet whether he was right or wrong," Roy White, mayor pro-tem, said.

White said he feels it was an honest mistake.

"But I don't think he did anything as far as lying to get that position I think he honestly thought that he did qualify and he still may," White said. "We don't know yet."

Community members say they don't care about his criminal past.

"He's still the same honest man that he was 10 years ago," citizen Walter Wells Jr. said.

"All the people that was born and raised in the city of Wells knew the mayor's past history, but they also knew he has changed throughout his life," Pam Kalka, also a citizen, said.

White believes this controversy won't tear the town apart.

"That's what life's about anyway," White said. "It's those bumps that let you ride them along the way, so it's a learning process for the council."

A Wells city council member said a meeting about Doss' fate will be held Monday night. A Wells city attorney and an attorney with the Cherokee County DA's office and neither would comment on the situation.

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