Alto football's water girl works to help keep her winning team in line

By Holley Nees - bio | email

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - "The team is real strong.  We're really strong like brothers," said Alto Quarterback Jordan Shaw.

Brothers, with one little sister who looks out for all of them.

"She'll slap them around and she keeps the guys straight," said Alto Athletic Director Keith Gardner.  "Actually, she keeps the coaches in line too."

Madison Crisp is sixth grader who hangs with the best of the them.   She knows her Yellow Jackets are a winning team and she plans on keeping it that way.

"It's hard sometimes, but you just got to show them who's boss sometimes," Alto Football Manager and Water Girl Madison Crisp said.

"Tough part's getting in shape," said Alto Wide Receiver Hayden Scott, and Crisp makes sure they get fit, with a little tough love.

"If they'll throw a water bottle down, I make them pick it up and I don't let them say anything bad to me," Crisp said.  "If they do I make them take it back.  I don't let them do anything mean to me."

She takes the heat to be with her big brothers.

"My brothers played and I have one playing now, and I wanted to do it to support them and be closer to them," Crisp said.

The hardest part of being the only girl, "Having to run back and forth and keeping them in line," Crisp smiled.

Some advice from the girl that gets a front-row seat to every practice and game, "I think if they'll stick together, they'll make it far," she said.  "Keep up the good work and just keep trying harder and harder."

"We stick together, we have each other's back.  When one of us is down, we help each other up," Shaw said, and Crisp is always there to keep the team on their feet.

"If we're going to be able to compete, go deep in the playoffs, possibly win a state championship, then they got to work hard every day and these kids give everything they have with everything they do," said Coach Gardner.

Down to the water girl, because the secret to the Alto Yellow Jacket powerhouse, a water girl who's not afraid to sting.

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