Put a healthy spin on your kid's school lunch

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - With child obesity becoming a problem in America, dieticians believe the root of the problem lies in the kitchen at home.

It's lunch time at the Jordans. On Thursday's menu: grilled cheeses, yogurt and a variety of veggies. Jodi Jordan, mother, said she leads by example.

"I've tried to learn and eat healthy later in life, so if they see me eat it then they're more likely to eat it, so whatever I'm eating I encourage them to at least try it," she said.

Dietician Tim Scallon said kids will carry their healthy choices into their adult life. "If we approach children with openness and teach them about healthy foods from the beginning then they suddenly learn that broccoli is tasty," Scallon said.

So far, that method is working for Jodi's three little boys. Jodi said she tries to keep away from packing sugary items in their lunches, by substituting fresh fruit or a bag of chips.

"You know that desire for chips comes from a desire for crunch and you know kids love crunch, they don't want mushy vegetables as a rule," said Scallon.

He said if your child must have chips in their lunch, opt for a healthier choice like baked chips.

Even for a busy mom like Jodi, she said packing fruit and veggies in school lunches is easy.

"They are just so convenient," she said.

Another healthy tip...try switching from white to whole wheat bread. Whole wheat provides more fiber.

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