Diboll woman says allegations against Markle are not shocking

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - Investigative website, TheSmokingGun.com, has brought forth more allegations against the user name of "Prankster," alleged to be James Tyler Markle.

The recent report claims he was charged with sexual assault of a child.

An east Texas woman, who claims to be a former friend of Markle, said she's not surprised to hear about the allegations against him.

As soon as Wendy Carroll met the man she said goes by "Tyler Markle," she said she knew he wasn't the company that she wanted to keep. "He's just ugh, he's just a creepy dude."

Carroll said she met Markle a little over six months ago at a Diboll restaurant and it wasn't a good first impression.  "He asked me out that day. He also lied about his age, " she claimed.

According to Markle's Myspace page, he claims he is a 2008 graduate of Diboll High School. Diboll High Vice Principal John Burnett told KTRE in an off-camera interview that in his three years with Diboll, he has never heard of Markle. He said Markle never graduated from the school.

Carroll said, "He likes to persuade people to do things for him or to get things from you."

Carroll said she believes the accusations against Markle fit his personality. "It's not a shocker to me, not a shocker. He's never showed me a violent part, but you can tell it's there."

On Thursday, TheSmokingGun.com posted another story referencing Markle's past. The web site posted documents claiming Markle pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a child in 2005. The Smoking Gun said he was sentenced to, and served two years for molesting a 5 year old girl at First Baptist Church in Diboll.

The Smoking Gun's editor Bill Bastone said, "We have a source that has intimate knowledge of the circumstances of the crime and his punishment."

"We wouldn't have accused him of the phone vandalism if we didn't know that it was him, we wouldn't be saying he sexually assaulted a 5 year old girl if we didn't know it was him," added Bastone.

None of the people with which KTRE has spoken has heard or seen Markle since the story broke Tuesday. It is still not clear whether Markle will face charges.

In a published report, Markle denied being that man identified as the "Prankster."  In an interview with Lufkin Daily News he said it was a case of mistaken identity. KTRE's attempts to contact Markle have gone unanswered.

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