Wells mayor advised to resign, says he's going to fight

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

WELLS, TX (KTRE) - Embattled Wells Mayor Corbitt Doss has been ordered to resign. The decision strongly goes against majority public opinion, but seems to be upheld by the law.

"He either has to resign or be removed," Robert Flournoy said, Wells City attorney.

Flournoy said those are the only two options for Wells Mayor Corbitt Doss.

"He could apply for a pardon as he suggested last night," Flournoy said. "That's a pretty long process and I can't imagine that that's going to happen and even if it happened it would not affect his eligibility at this time."

Doss completed his probation for felony DWI in 2007. He was elected mayor in 2008. Although he was released from probation before he took office, Flournoy said he's not eligible for office.

"Unless the Governor pardons the person, or a court, completely dismisses the indictment and the conviction and it expunges from his record then those disabilities remain," Flournoy explained.

Signs posted that encourage Doss are still seen throughout the City of Wells. Doss said he's hanging on to that and willing to take a chance.

"You saw the support I had last night, some are kin, some are not," Doss said. "They are my family, I love everyone of them."

Doss said he's hired an attorney to help fight his battle, the problem is money.

"The citizens have brought up if I do have lawyer fees they want to do some fundraisers and try to help me out with the money on it," he said.

Despite the overwhelming amount of support, Flournoy said the law is the law.

"He's obviously a nice guy and a lot of people like him, but it doesn't have anything to do with personality," Flournoy said. "It's all about the rule of the law."

Flournoy said it's not required and it's not even recommended for the election office to perform a background check on candidates. He said they're simply supposed to accept the candidate's sworn statement.

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