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Saving shopper moms give tips on how get school supplies

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LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Right now, most East Texas parent are getting their child's school supply list. A few moms give tips on how other parents can save money when it comes to purchasing school supplies.

Becky Jackson is a smart shopper mom. So when it comes to getting school supplies for her daughter that headed to pre-school she takes every loop hole to save money.

Jackson said, "Since Emerson {her daughter} is going to pre-school she has to have a kinder mat and you need a kinder mat cover, but instead we'll just use a king size pillow case that we already have at home, the covers are like 20 dollars and the pillow case I already have it."

She offers parents another tip; compare the prices of name brand versus store brand. "Pretty much this brand which is a name brand and the store brand there the same thing this one is pink the other is red or blue. I think there was a dollar difference, " Jackson said while looking for school scissors.

Susan Ratcliff, is a mom and teacher, she recommends parents look for sales and take advantage of the competitor prices.

"Most stores will honor each other's sales so if you find a really good price for something you can go to the store location and tell them, said Ratcliff, while shopping for supplies with her two daughters.

Another idea, look for items that come in bulk, before the school year ends, your kids will probably come running to you saying their out of glue sticks, so buy at sales price now, because once school starts items like pencils, crayons, and notebooks will go back to regular prices.

Ratcliff adds, " I definitely recommend buying extra. Crayola crayons have been 25 cents and when school starts back up their 2.64 a box. It's easier to buy extra now and put them away."

Even if you find yourself in a financial crunch, look for the basic supplies to get your child through the school year.

Ratcliff recommends, "Get the general organizational tools of a notebook or binder and get those pens and pencils that's something that they run out of all year long."

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