Restaurant Report- Angelina County- 8/13/09

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Dirty floors and untrained employees in some East Texas eateries were uncovered during the latest Angelina County & Cities Health District survey.

CiCi's Pizza at 3053 South John Reddit Drive received 24 demerits.  Employees need food handlers certifications. Inspectors found that a trash can was being used as a table for a dough pan.  Dirty kitchen floors, an ice scoop in the bin, and no test strips were other problems.  CiCi's also needed to clean inside equipment, along with the unsanitary food item containers.

Applebee's Grill and Bar at 4609 South Medford received 15 demerits.  Employees there also need food handlers certifications.  Reach-in coolers needed cleaning.  Utensils should be washed and stored inverted.  The ice machine also needed to be cleaned and sanitized.  The drink nozzles and the machine itself needed cleaning.  Food items in the prep area must maintain proper temperature.

Jack in the Box at 1902 East Denman Avenue received 10 demerits.  There, inspectors found a loose back door.  The grill and the ice machine both needed cleaning.  Improper handwashing procedures were discovered.

Pollo Asados El Regio at 707 North Raguet Street received 10 demerits.  No ACCHD food manager was on site. The restaurant needed to remove a non-commercial cooker. Hand sanitizers were needed at the grill hand sink. Test strips were also missing.

El Taurino at 3900 U.S. Highway 69 North received 7 demerits.  The freezer floor needed cleaning. Equipment and walls need to be wiped. And food in the reach-in cooler needed to be covered.

China Buffet at 409 North Timberland received 5 demerits from health inspectors. The inspectors reported the food must maintain the proper temperature.

Chili's at 4115 South Medford Drive received 4 demerits.  All 30+ days employees should have proper food handler certification.

Marble Slab at 1817 Tulane also received 4 demerits from health inspectors. The store needed to clean the floor of the cooler.

Jimmy's Too at 4200 North Medford Drive received 3 demerits. Inspectors noted the inside of the ice machine needed to be sanitized.

Congratulations to the following restaurants for receiving zero demerits this week: Bryan's BBQ Smokehouse, Hunan, The Donut Palace, El Taco Loco, the Angelina County Airport Cafe, Pitt Stop BBQ, Sugar Shack, and Bodacious BBQ.

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