Crockett Housing Problems

By Christel Phillips

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE)-Tempers are flaring in the city of Crockett about the measures the Mayor is taking to control the Crocektt Housing Authority. The Executive Director of the Crockett Housing Authority claims a special board meeting was called Friday, but the members that were part of the that meeting were not legally cleared by the Housing Urban Development or HUD.

Now it is alleged the city could potentially lose their federal housing funding because certain guidelines were not followed to conduct the meeting and appoint proper board members.

Renea Minter, Executive Director of the Crockett Housing Authority said, "The only way that meeting could have started today is if myself who is considered the secretary of the board and the acting Chairman was present."

But a meeting did start without Minter and it adjourned with Minter being terminated as the Executive Director of the Housing Authority. Now, Minter is feuding that Friday's meeting is not justified based on the member that were present.

Minterr said, "We cannot be part of something that we know is illegal and that was an illegal board meeting."

Perrier & Associates, a law firm representing the Housing Authority, sent a letter to all the active board members, claiming under the Housing Authority by-laws the meeting was not legal because the board members have not been approved by HUD.

Crockett city guidlines state the Mayor can only appoint board members to the Housing Authority Commissioners, once that he has done so, it is then sent off to the Housing Urban Development to give the stamp of approval for those member appointed. Minter is claiming that process has not been completed, therefore, those in attendence at the meeting, Board members Dale Clark, Wayne Tubbs, and Jack Barbee did not have any grounds to make any decisions in concerns to the welfare of the Housing Authority.

Jack Barbee, who was just elected as Active Chairman of the board, also conducted today's meeting, and he says no laws were broken.

The board consists of five members, three of those five were present. Dorothy Wyatt, and Bridgett Lamb were absent. KTRE met with Mrs. Wyatt after the meeting, where she informed KTRE, that she was serving as the active Chairman until a the board elected a new chairman.

Barbee said, "We filled that we have complied with all the necessaries bylaws and prerequisites in order to have a valid meeting today."

The Crockett Housing Authority By-laws detail the procedures for calling a special meeting. KTRE obtained a copy and it states, The Chairman of the Authority may, when he deems it expedient, and shall upon the written request of two members of the Authority call a special meeting.

Barbee states, "We had to comply with law in terms of stating where we were and having this meeting to begin with and that was done and the majority of the board was present so the we've gone forward."

We spoke with HUD via telephone and they stated they were not involved in this matter but Dan Rodriguez, Public Housing Director, Houston, did release the following statement: "Our primary concern is for the Housing Authority to continue to effectively administer our programs."

Minter firmly believes the actions could have a drastic effect on the Housing Authority.  Minter adds, "This will do the Crockett Housing Authority in, it will break them."

Some residents feel the new members Crockett's mayor, Wayne Mask, has appointed to the board do not give a true reflection of the Housing Authority community.

Minter feels there should be only one priority. "My first concern is the residents that's what we're here for. We're here to help them, we're not here to help the city. "

It was not disclosed in the public meeting the terms of why Renea Minter, was terminated.

KTRE tried to contact Mayor Wayne Mask and we were told that he was out of the office for the day.

KTRE and will continue to follow this story for any new developments.