High School Hero 01/21/03: Stephanie Johnson

San Augustine High School has a senior who doesn't mind stepping out for what she wants. Stephanie Johnson is goal oriented.

"My first goal right now is I want to graduate as Salutatorian of San Augustine High School," said Stephanie. "Then I want to go with a major in fashion merchandise with a minor in political science and attend Southwest Texas State in the fall and then hopefully start my own business in fashion design."

The Senior Class President admits fashion merchandising and political science are a strange combination, but Stephanie believes you shouldn't limit your interests. If she had, she may have missed out on a leadership conference in Washington D.C.

"What it is pretty much is you go to Capitol Hill and do mock Congress and we had lobbies, testifiers, which I was one of the testifiers," said Stephanie.

Stephanie credits her mother, father, and grandparents for providing her leadership opportunities.

As far as fashion, Stephanie gets that on her own. Stephanie's mom says her daughter has been picking out her own clothes since she was two. Prom dresses are already on the mind.

"You know, I had it designed, but the same exact dress came out this year for prom, so I'm just going to buy it," Stephanie said with a laugh.