Police urge gun owners to use safety locks

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Within two weeks, gun accidents have caused two children to be shot by other children.   A 2-year old in Timpson is home after spending close to two weeks in the hospital after being shot by a handgun fired by another 2-year old. Tonight, a six year old Nacogdoches County boy is in a Dallas hospital with a shotgun wound to the leg, the trigger pulled yesterday by a five year old.

The accidents have prompted police officers to stress the importance of gun locks. The simple device, similar to a bike lock, can easily prevent accidents. Free at many law enforcement offices the inexpensive life saving cable can also be purchased where guns are sold.

"It's completely safe. Your kids not going to get to it," Lt. Darrell Trawick explained while demonstrating how the lock works.

Project ChildSafe distributes the locks. The agency reminds gun owners to properly store firearms in the home, practice safe firearm storage options in the home and make certain that firearms in the home are not easily accessible to anyone --- especially a child.

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