Wells police chief placed on employment probation

WELLS, TX (KTRE) - In an executive, closed meeting Monday night, Wells City Council members decided to place Police Chief Barry Starnes on employment probation for one year.

"He talks rude to anyone, he steps out of line, he's gone," said Wells Mayor Corbitt Doss. "That's the council's decision."

Doss said Monday night's meeting stemmed from numerous complaints about Starnes' interaction with community members.

Council members appointed Roy White, a council member, to be Starnes' employment probation advisor. "If white sees something out of the ordinary, he will bring it before the council, then we will go back into an executive session," said Doss.

After the council's meeting adjourned, several residents said they were unhappy with the resolution.

"We might be passified, but were not satisfied," said Judy Tobias, resident. "Because it's not going to change. They might clean their act up because they know they're being watched, but it's not going to change."

Starnes said Monday's meeting had nothing to do about complaints. He called it retaliation.

Doss was arrested Thursday on misdemeanor charges of perjury and tampering with a government document. It was Starnes who filed the warrants against Doss. Starnes said he was just following orders from the Cherokee County Attorney's office. Mayor Doss said the meeting was not about retaliating.

Doss said he was satisfied with the council's decision.