Crockett Housing Authority closed

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Friday, Housing Authority Board Members called a special meeting in which to discuss the termination of the Housing Authority's Executive Director, Renea Minter, in that meeting it was not publicly discussed the reasons for her termination. Now, Monday, employees and tenants were shocked to see the facility was closed until further notice. Some tenants complain their were many problems with the Housing Authority that were going unnoticed. Now, they hope the locked doors mean some changes are coming in the future.

Elizabeth White was disappointed when she drove up the Crockett Housing Authority building, she knew that meant she would not have a place to live.

White said, "I really need to move, I need a place to live that I can afford. I can't get in, so I don't know what's going to happen."

The locks on the building were changed and all the gates were in chains. A sign stating the Housing Authority was closed until further notice.

"I don't know what to do, I'm just kind trying to do the best I can until I can find a place."

KTRE attempted to contact Crockett's mayor, Wayne Mask, to find out why the building was closed was closed but he declined to comment. We also contacted housing board member, Jack Barbee who told us, off camera,  the facility was closed for security reasons but he would not disclosed details.

The tenants that live within the Housing Authority community were not shocked to hear of facility's sudden closure.

Kiersten Davis, a tenant, said things have been wrong for a while with the Housing Authority, "If it was up to the people, it should have been up to us to vote on the people in the office, they should have been gone and it shouldn't have took this long in the first place," adds Davis.

She also believes, the maintenance service for tenants is poor. "If everybody can go and pay their rent on time then we should be able to get their stuff fixed on time," said Davis.

"Just because this is subsidized housing they don't have to treat us like we're living in subsidized housing," she adds.

Tenants are hoping the locked doors will bring some positive change when it re-opens. "It's time for some things to go right over here," Davis said.

At this point, no one is saying when that change will come. It's also unknown when the locks will come off and the doors will re-open.

While at the Crockett Housing Authority office KTRE did observe, Mandy Nash, a former housing security guard, that was previously indicted for misapplication of fiduciary property, unlocking the building. The mayor nor Barbee would comment on why she was authorized to do so.

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