County landfill hours will be reduced

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Rural Nacogdoches County residents who still get rid of their garbage at county dumpsites are in for some changes. The three sites will be opened only one day a month. The once-a-week hours will end as of October 1st.

State environmental agencies are requiring weekly transfers of waste to the Lufkin landfill. Commissioners say that's cost prohibitive. "The increased cost would be roughly 50-60,000 additional dollars added to the already operating cost," Tom Strickland, pct 4 commissioner said.

Strickland said the changes will be reviewed at a later date. The facilities aren't being used as often by rural residents since private garbage haulers cater to them. Effective October first, Elbow Ridge will be open on the first Saturday. Douglass the second Saturday and Etoile, the third Saturday of each month.