911 call ruins armed robbery

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A 911 call at a Nile Street home in Lufkin cut a robbery attempt short early Tuesday morning, a Lufkin Police spokesman said.

Lt. David Young said it began when someone knocked on the door of the house and a babysitter answered it. They said they wanted drugs but the babysitter told them they must have the wrong house.

That's when the suspects shoved their way into the house and shoved everyone they saw down to the floor and demanding "Where is it?"

"What 'it' was isn't clear," Young said.

One of the children managed to sneak into a closet and make a 911 call, Young said.

When police drove up and shined a spotlight onto the house, two of the victims ran out, along with a woman holding several items, a man with a ski mask and another man. The woman ran into the car the suspects were driving and the men tried to run away.

Police managed to catch one of the men but the other got away, Young said.

The suspect at large is Dante Ray Faison, 29.

Arrested were Dominick Moore, 33, and Roberta Perodin, 21, who are charged with aggravated robbery, and another woman who has since been released. Young said she was waiting in the car during the attempted robbery.