Golfers get ready for the big Temple Cup Tournament

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The 30th annual Temple Cup at Crown Colony doesn't start until tomorrow, but you wouldn't know that by the looks of things Thursday.

Ninety players from all over the nation are coming to Lufkin for a chance to win the Temple Cup, but some are starting to get into the swing of things early.

"We're out here practicing, we're going to play a practice round," said Competitor Andy Pott.  "We drove in this morning and we're going to go out and play 18 holes and maybe hit a few balls afterwards and try to get our games ready."

Pott is from McKinney and this is his sixth time at the Temple Cup.

"We played one round where my partner and I were several under par and you know, that was a very, very good memory," said Pott.  "You know, we haven't been under par very many times here."

Crown Colony Golf Pro Ben Burns said he likes hearing stories from the returning golfers.  "[There are] guys coming in who have played here for years and telling you funny stories about the place," he said.

Some like Mark Greene and his partner are first timers at the tournament, but they're no stranger to the course or to the game.

"Long time ago, about 10 years ago I played it in a scramble and then we played it three times now before the tournament starts," Greene said.

"We've only played it twice, so [we're] trying to get out and see the course a little bit more, putt on the greens," said Greene's partner Justin Honea.

Honea said his favorite part about golfing is "the mental grind."

Even with a golf course that's one of the best in the state, Greene and Honea have high hopes for the big day.

"Hopefully well, hopefully well. We've been playing good, so we'll shoot for four or five under," Honea said.

"I think we're going to do all right. Golf's a funny game, you don't know when it's going to happen and when it's not we'll just tee it up and see what happens," said Greene.

While the golfers are hoping to come in under par the amateur tournament is definitely up to par.

"It's great for a good cause number one and I haven't played golf in awhile, so I'm getting back into it and looking forward to the weekend," said Competitor Gandy Stubblefield.

"They're not like your professionals who are here just to make money a lot of times, these guys are here for pure competition," Burns said.

So, the competitors are getting ready for tomorrow hoping they'll have stroke of good luck.

KTRE will be following some of those players over the course of the next few days.  You can follow them as well, in person, or on here on's sports page.

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