Hit and run victim says he's lucky to be alive

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Gary Rushing of Nacogdoches was riding his motorcycle Saturday morning when he was hit by another car on the 200 block of Burrows Street.

"They just left me, left me laying there on the ground," said Rushing.

Rushing was on his way to rent a movie when the driver of a bronze four door sedan clipped the front of his motorcycle.

"I went over the handle bar some, then the bike fell over to the right, right there [points to spot], and I crawled out from underneath and I was laying on the ground trying to get my helmet off," Rushing explained.

Rushing said he remembers a young girl jumping out of the sedan and hovering over him for a brief second. "[She] walks up to me me and yells 'mister, mister are you okay? Please get up.'"

Rushing said he waited alone for what seemed like ten minutes before anyone came to his rescue.

"I crawled out from underneath it and tried to get up, but my left leg was pretty bruised up and I fell down again and then the fire department showed up and they helped me up and gave me some water," he said.

Though going the speed limit, Officer James Jordan said Rushing's motorcycle skid more than 40 feet. "[He's] very luck, especially being on a motorcycle," Jordan said.

He said 10 percent of traffic accidents are hit and run. "It's very aggravating to us because majority of the time they're scared, they may not have a drivers license, their insurance may have expired," said Jordan. "In a lot of situations those are just events where you're going to get a citation for it."

Without a license plate number or description of the driver, police say the odds are against them.

Rushing hopes others think twice before fleeing an accident. "It was a pretty lonesome feeling," added Rushing.

Rushing tells us this was his first accident in 30 years.

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