Alto students start new school year in a new school

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - What a better way to start the school year, than in a new building? Alto ISD students walked into their brand new elementary school.

And according to 2nd grade teacher, Kerrie Jones, it is definitely a lot nicer than the old building.  "For many years Alto has had a school that the classrooms were open to the outside the bathrooms were on the outside, and now for the first time children have hallways, and we're excited about that," said Jones.

That is just one of the more simple features of the brand new campus that's created a buzz among teachers and students on their first day back to school.

Alto ISD, Superintendent Ray DeSpain, is very pleased with the facility and all the hard work that has gone in to making the first day of school a success. He said, "Our faculty and staff worked incredibly hard to get this building ready, and to get in the building, it's a beautiful day and a beautiful building. "

A special dedication ceremony included the entire student body placing their hands in a fresh cement sidewalk.

In fall 2007, Alto residents voted in favor of a 6.3 million dollar bond. Construction broke ground just a few months later and Monday, the project became a reality. "We actually broke ground in may of 2008 and we were able to construct this building and get in 15 months time," said DeSpain.

Alto teachers feel this new facility creates a positive learning environment for the students. Kerrie Jones explains, "When the children walk in here, I think they're going to be very excited to learn."

Some students already know what they like most about the *new Alto Elementary.

Hunter Bush, 4th grader, who said he likes going to the classes and learning, "{I like} going to the science lab."

Some students plan to keep their school looking clean, 4th grader, Ra'dedrick Woodson told us, "Tell {students} to pick up trash when they throw it down.

Teachers and faculty believe this new school shows the community values education, Jones adds, "I appreciate the community for supporting the children in this endeavor."

The 46,000 sq. foot new school has 24 classrooms, and state of the art computer & science labs.

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